Woodlawn Reunions

The annual Woodlawn Reunion was held at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver on a sunny day in June. As usual, Ron Green, Jean Bumgardner Bispham and Judy Williams Powers did a great job of organizing this event.

There were around 25 to 30 people there, including some spouses and some members of other Woodlawn classes. This year, we welcomed four Woodlawners who attended for the first time - Elaine Rhine Tanzer, John Grotjohn, Ed Klein, and Linda Klopf Yoshida. We all had fun catching up on many, many years of our lives. Even though many of us have not seen each other for decades, our old friends are friends forever. After all, these people have known us longer than almost anyone else we know. 

We are already looking forward to 2014. Most of us didn't have emough time to visit with everyone this year!

Here are a few photos of our get-together. I'm missing the identities of a couple of people, so please let me know who they are. If any of you have additional pictures, please send them to Sally at tsfouch@gmail.com and I will post them here. We look pretty darn good for a bunch of 70 year olds, don't you agree?

Sally Rosenberg


Back row: Ron Green, Jean Bumgardner, Doug Hepburn, Gene Cubbage, Elaine Rhine Tanzer,  Ken Martin's hat, Alvin Bruner, Jim Gayden, ??

Middle row: Judy Williams Powers, ??, Jaye Snavely, Linda Klopf Yoshida, Sally Rosenberg Fouch, Jack Hambleton

Front row: Judy Sering, Louise Ulibarri Miller, Judy Mundy Jasenosky, Anita Petrick

Gene Cubbage, Doug Hepburn, Jay Snavely

Gene Cubbage, Doug Hepburn and Jay Snavely.

Alvin Bruner, his wife, and Jack Hambleton

Jim Gayden,  Anita Petrick, and Ron Green

Ken Martin and his wife.

Louise Ulibarri Miller & husband and Judy Sering.

Judy Williams Powers, Linda Klopf Yoshida, and Elaine Rhine Tanzer.

Jim Miller, Louise Ulibarri's Hubby, Louise, Judy Sering, Judy Mundy-Jasenosky and Hubby Bob


Judy Sering and Doug Hepburn


2014 Reunions


Susan Proud  Joyce Bertruchi  Doris Bertruchi Sandy Bain Alaina Hepburn


Left is Susan Proud    Right front is Priscilla Jungling  Call Webber  Martha Portwood & Margie Barry

Left Side    Susan Proud Joyce Bertruchi (hidden) Doris Bertruchi Sandy Bain & Alaina Hepburn

Right Side    Priscilla Jungling  Call Webber  Martha Portwood  (Martha's husband in the back ground) & Margie Barry


Left Side  Front to back    Janis Irhle Susan Proud   Pat Newcomb

Right Side Front to back    Priscilla Jungling  Chris Tompson  Martha Portwood & a guest that Martha brought