Hang-Outs & Memories

We all had places where we used to hang-out at during grade school or high school.  How about sharing with the rest of us?  You can be the first to name a hang-out and share a memory. Or, you can add a memory onto a hang-out that is already here.

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Larry Olstad:  I picked up Gary Conley and Tom Reed and we went to Yaw's Top Notch and nowhere else.  When I got home my step-father, who was always looking for ways to make my life less rewarding, checked the mileage on the family Chevrolet and announced that I had put 150 miles on that car in one night.  I was surprised, to say the least, that I had a mileage limit, and that was how I learned to disconnect a speedometer.

Sixth Avenue Records

Ken Roberts:  Began going there with Fred Matilla (we lived right next door to each other) while we were at Kenton.  We would catch one of those electric busses on the corner of Lombard and Interstate, on Saturdays, and head downtown.  Loved going there cuz, among other things, you could take a record into a little booth and play it before you bought it.  Gof my first album there:  Rock Around the Clock, Bill & His Comets, 1956.


Bill Hobson:  Other then hanging out on the corner of N.W.10th & Burnside on days that I didn't have school & there was alot of them, I'd hang out at one of the best Burger places in Portland, 'Scotty's on 12th & Sandy, across the street from The Tic Toc. .15 Burger, .15 Shake & .10 Fries. If you had a Buck, you had dinner for two.  I was an avid Roller Skater & spent hours & hours at the Oaks, where I was a Dance Skater. When I joined the Military, no matter where you were stationed, there would always be a Roller Rink with-in walking distance. I put alot of miles on my Skates.

Ken Roberts:  Funny you should say that.  For many of us, after cruising Yaw's, The Speck, etc., we used to head over to Scotty's for a really tasty burger or two.

D&L Drug Store ... a Kenton Thing

Elizabeth Christensen (Yeager):  The D&L Drug Store was that one across from Kenton on Lombard. I remember us going over there, sitting at the counter and having a coke and putting an aspirin in it.  Wat was that all about?

Ken Roberts:  Loved the place.  Never knew why it was called the D&L, cuz it was Howard and Lolly, who ran it.  Howard was actually a pharmacist.  Speaking of the cokes, I remember more than once, he let me go behind the counter and fix my own .... Grave Yard Cokes. What nice people

Milton & Oscars

Joyce Sherman:   It was not a hangout for most of us at the time, but Margie Grayson and I used to go to Milton & Oscars on "Union" Avenue after working on the final edition of The Jeffersonian every week.  We would drink Cokes, eat French Fries, smoke Salem's, and discuss whatever seemed important in the newspaper each week.  It wasn't Yaw's or cruising Broadway, but it was a quiet, welcoming place in the late afternoon.


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