If My Parents Ever Knew!!

Did you ever put anything over on your parents?  Well the SOL (Statute of Limitations) has run.

Thanks to that shy, little (Drats, wish I had known) Helen Miller for suggesting this page and being willing to be the first to offer up her suggestion.

Please jump in with us and share a caper or two.  Even if your caper failed, which might beven more fun.  Just email your story to me and I will take care of the rest.  john@jh2design.com

Helen Miller writes:  Hi Ken - Have a topic for the Memory Post that could end up being funny = “Things you did that your parents NEVER knew!”

My story:

My parents were very strict & laid a 10:00 pm weekend curfew on me that gave me NO other choice than to become proficient at “being sneaky” in order for me to be a “normal Jeffersonian teenager”. 

I couldn”t do this / couldn”t do that.  I couldn’t here / couldn’t go there.  YOU name - I was told “NO".

However, my best friend (Sharon Japp) lived just a couple of blocks from JHS & had a mother who was very liberal in regards to cufew time & what Sharon could do.

Plus, Sharon’s mom was often out with friends - or - down at the local Tavern, so IF we “helped ourselves” to some of her parents booze - her mom couldn’t smell it on us.

Sooooo, I had many Friday night sleep-overs at Sharon’s.  My excuse for staying at Sharon’s was that she lived so close to the school that I didn’t have to spend the time walking 2 miles home after school & could get my weekend homework done. Plus, since Sharon lived so close to the school, Mom would not have to transport me to / from JHS for a Football Game or Dance (that may or may not be happening).

** BTW: Mom lived to be 101 yrs old. Thus, I had 49 years to confess  - but chose not to  :-)

Helen Miller Williamson

Cheryl Novinger writes:

Well, Ken. I had a slumber party. It was an innocent event. Several Jefferson girls, and one girl fron Grant.
Someone told the boys. They showed up with a lot of booze.
My trusting mother let us have the house to ourselves. There was no way I could talk them into leaving.
When they left, I had them take all the bottles with them. This way our secret was safe. Huh! They deposited all the bottles one street up in someones garbage.
Of course, I got a call the next day, because there was an envelope addressed to my mother.
I told them since it was Halloween, someone took off with our garbage.
I then had a friend retrieve the garbage.
They must have gotten the impression that my mom was a really heavy drinker. I kept my mouth shut.
I spent several days looking for one missing bottle. Found it days later under moms bed.
Cheryl Novinger Werings.

Helen Miller commented:  I loved Cheryl Novinger's story. Here's hoping we will get some more Jeffersonians to "fess up".