Photo Gallery

All Demos can add their own personal photo galleries inside the gallery selections below. Click the images below to enter the gallery area. Then click the "Create Your Own Photo Gallery Here" button at the bottom of the page to participate. Follow the directions on screen to create your gallery. Only you can add photos to galleries you have created, and all photos you add will be credited to you inside your gallery!

One thing to remember ... yes, any of you can post ... however, they will not appear until I have have had a chance to "approve" them.  The reason for this is because I may need to "resize" them, adjusting them for the most compatible fit.  Also, I may sometimes "crop" them ... also for a better fit and perhaps even a better look.  Hey ... just trying to help!!!!

Pictures are shown as "thumbnails".  To view any picture in much larger form, just click on the thumbnail.

2017 Picnic
19 Photos  9/3/17
2016 Golf & Picnic Pics
45 Photos  10/9/16
2014 Party
56 Photos  11/27/14
70th BD Party
34 Photos  9/22/13
50th Reunion
1 Gallery  7/1/12
Jeff's 100th BD
1 Gallery  2/14/10
N Portland Memories
1 Gallery  2/15/10
Guess Who
1 Gallery  2/16/10
Kenton Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
Our Fun Demo's Moments
3 Galleries  3/21/14
Highland Gang
1 Gallery  8/8/12
Ockley Green Gang
1 Gallery  7/1/13
Woodlawn Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
Beach Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
Columbia Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
St. Andrews Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
Trinity Lutheran Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12
Vernon Gang
1 Gallery  6/28/12